Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moving Day

I've decided to move my blog to WordPress simply because it seems easier for me to use and I like the ability to layer pages and other geeky stuff.

Lots of roundy letters in that, huh?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Christmas I Promise...

1. To take nature walks and enjoy the Winter season.

2. To create something every day.

3. To affirm something positive and wait patiently for the world around me to acknowledge it.

4. To sing.

5. To let my friends know they are important to me all year long but I especially cherish them at the holidays.

6. Celebrate Christmas like a child.

7. Hide gifts for people that would have never expected them from me and not tell them who they came from.

8. Carry an extra child's coat and hat to give away when I see a mother with a child who may not have one.

9. Say "Merry Christmas" to people and really mean it.

10. Hug people often.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A taste of my busyness

It's a Little Lamb sweater (pattern by Leisure Arts from the book Precious Layettes). The checkerboard variations are my own. The buttons are also checkerboard. You now, I'm not even fond of checkerboards. Hmmm...

More pics on the way. I've been very busy but taking most of my time is this damned sweater by Debbie Bliss called "Ribbed Sweater".

I've just decided that I hate knitting flat paneled items so I'm converting the majority of patterns I'm working on to working in the round.

Next item on the needles? A Wallaby Sweater. It's so cute! And fast! And easy!

Here's someone else's :

Toasty! I hope mine looks as nice as hers!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

I can't believe it's already the end of August and I haven't written anything all summer!

Well, maybe that's a good thing. We've been busy and enjoying the summer.

From Katy's Worship Dance Camp to the boys' sailing camp at ODU... it's been action packed.

So... what's new on the craft scene?

I've finished three sweaters and am working on a 4th. Two are to donate. The other two are for Connor. I've also crocheted a guinea pig. Too cute.

Anyway, I've knit a Little Lamb sweater (pattern by Leisure Arts Precious Layettes), a 5 hour baby sweater (which is SUCH a lie. It ALWAYS takes longer than 5 hours ), and a guernsey. The guernsey was my first experiment in changing sizes (since this was for a 3 year old and it only goes to 24 months). I also knit it in wool.

I'd post pictures but my camera cord has gone into hiding. As soon as it comes back, I'll post pictures of the knitting creations!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Kinder, Gentler New York

Hats off to you, Mr. Bloomberg!

Five years ago I went to New York. It was a depressing and aggravating trip. Typical rudeness, filthy, bums everywhere, and to top it off, we got stuck in the middle of the Puerto Rican Day parade (you may remember this on the news where women were being sexually assaulted in the middle of the parade.)

Street preachers yelled at passersby as they openly smoked pot, "You better change your ways before you blaze that haze!" My children can still recite that one. Sigh.

This last weekend was completely different. We stayed in Long Island and took the subway into Manhattan. I was apprehensive. My last subway trip was less than comforting. Addicts standing up to ask for money. Although, I have to admit that the one man who stood up and said, "I'm not going to lie to you. I need money for a drink." got five bucks from me. I felt the same way after being on the subway for just 10 minutes.

This time, though, the subways were clean and devoid of panhandlers. A few stops had musicians playing for their supper. Saxophones playing soft jazz in the subway almost made it feel like a 1940 train ride. I looked around for Bogart.

The city was different too. Friendly New Yorkers saying hi and holding the door open for me. The kindness infected the subway system too where strangers were literally arguing over offering a seat to my children and me.

This infection seemed to carry into Central Park where street musicians asked my son and husband to play with them... and later, running into that same musician at the Staten Island Ferry terminal, the infection actually caused him to give us a free CD.

Things got really weird when the waiter at Carnegie Deli said he wasn't charging us for "sharing".

I started wondering if pod people had taken over. Even the taxi drivers were nice. SO nice in fact, that we DROVE in Manhattan.

With that said, I was glad to be home. New York, in all its splendor, is just too much input for me. Central Park was a needed refuge and I found myself mentally shutting down after being exposed to so much sound, lights, signs, smells (one thing that does need improvement, Mr. Bloomberg - the urine smell from the dogs and the homeless), and touches (people bumping into me.)

I needed the solace of home where I could control the input.

Even so, New York earned its title of "The City So Nice, They Named It Twice" this weekend.

We had a blast.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Has Sprung


It's true what people say about me. I'm a Jill of All Trades but I'm master of quite a few. It's very rare that I don't succeed at something I set my mind to. That's not conceit. That's just how it happens for me. Positive thinking, timing, the Divine... all of them play a role.

Yes, I can conquer most tasks... most tasks, that is, except for gardening.

Where gardening is concerned, I am a total and complete failure. A black thumb. The aphid on the rose of life. Simply put, I suck at gardening.

This year will be different, though! I have my seedlings ready to go. Every seed I bought said, "Hard even for Shell to kill." so I bought them. Several said, "Even when people like Shell forget to water me, I will grow." I was sold!

I love to see people's gardens. I love to watch them sprout from seeds into hardy plants that can actually sustain people. How amazing is that? How God-Like is it to "create" life? I can't imagine how one couldn't feel close to their Creator while gardening.

It was an envy I experienced for years. My neighbor brings me tomatoes, squash, even pears all with that sympathetic, "I'm sorry you can't grow anything and how pitiful is it that when WWIII happens, you'll have to eat other people." look.

But not this year.LOOK! CUKES and PEAS!!!

This year the children are involved! I can't fail if I have a TEAM, right? Right? RIGHT?

We started with newspaper planters that I found on Instructables

This was so easy that all the children helped out - even Connor who found great delight in filling the pots with dirt.

My hostas and wisteria - the only two things I can grow because I don't
have to do anything. :o)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Create Your Path

Things at my "normal job" are slow. Very slow. Policy changes are making it difficult to earn a living. My once filled classes are down to nothing and nothing equates to no pay.

So what do you do when life hands you lemons? Well, since I love lemons, I'm more likely than not to make a lemon cheesecake or lemon meringue pie.

When I'm full, I create my own path.

And so I did. I called a local establishment and asked them about teaching a class in flower making (out of icing) there. I was approached about this idea a couple of years ago but now it was time to revisit this idea. I was met with enthusiasm and excitement.

I was in shock.

Instead of naysaying my idea in my mind before I even called or filling myself with doubt, I just *did* it.

My challenge to all of you today is don't think about what you want. Just get it. Don't hesitate or overthink the situation. Don't play out scenarios in your mind of what will happen when "they say no" or "they can't help me". Instead, talk as if it's already yours.... it's already done.

I never thought it would actually work but hey, we're having lemonade for lunch.