Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Has Sprung


It's true what people say about me. I'm a Jill of All Trades but I'm master of quite a few. It's very rare that I don't succeed at something I set my mind to. That's not conceit. That's just how it happens for me. Positive thinking, timing, the Divine... all of them play a role.

Yes, I can conquer most tasks... most tasks, that is, except for gardening.

Where gardening is concerned, I am a total and complete failure. A black thumb. The aphid on the rose of life. Simply put, I suck at gardening.

This year will be different, though! I have my seedlings ready to go. Every seed I bought said, "Hard even for Shell to kill." so I bought them. Several said, "Even when people like Shell forget to water me, I will grow." I was sold!

I love to see people's gardens. I love to watch them sprout from seeds into hardy plants that can actually sustain people. How amazing is that? How God-Like is it to "create" life? I can't imagine how one couldn't feel close to their Creator while gardening.

It was an envy I experienced for years. My neighbor brings me tomatoes, squash, even pears all with that sympathetic, "I'm sorry you can't grow anything and how pitiful is it that when WWIII happens, you'll have to eat other people." look.

But not this year.LOOK! CUKES and PEAS!!!

This year the children are involved! I can't fail if I have a TEAM, right? Right? RIGHT?

We started with newspaper planters that I found on Instructables

This was so easy that all the children helped out - even Connor who found great delight in filling the pots with dirt.

My hostas and wisteria - the only two things I can grow because I don't
have to do anything. :o)

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Cerwydwyn said...

I envy you your wisteria. I LOVE that stuff. Maybe I'll buy some and plant it here. Good luck with the garden.